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Wealth Vase with Fishes for Abundance

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A personal wealth vase is an excellent way to attract wealth. Also known as treasure vase, it is an auspicious symbol of wealth and success. This package includes the items you need to make a small personal wealth vase. This kit includes all the essential 'ingredients' needed for an effective wealth vase:

  1. Five Gem Globes signify wealth from all directions
  2. Gold Bars - contemporary symbols of wealth
  3. Gold Ingots - ancient symbols of wealth
  4. Three Brass I-Ching Coins for current wealth
  5. Six Silver I-Ching Coins for speculative wealth
  6. 9 Emperor Gold I-Ching Coins for wealth under all circumstances.
  7. Lock Coin to safeguard wealth
  8. Six Smooth Crystal Balls for harmony in family
  9. Ru Yi to signify power and management of the household
  10. Wu Lou for good health
  11. Wish Fulfilling Jewel to make all your aspiration manifest
  12. Dragon Amulet - Celestial Guardian to the wealth vase
  13. Saffron to purify the wealth vase
  14. Crystal Stones (7 x 500grams) to fill up the vase with clarity and locking in all wealth from any gaps that may allow the wealth to flow out.
  15. Five Element Fabric Cloth and Thread
  16. God of Wealth - Dzambhala Blessed by His Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche COMPLIMENTARY
  17. Jade Ingot Hanging to place around vase COMPLIMENTARY
  18. Sublime Sutra of Golden Light Blessed during the Merit-Multiplying Days of Miracles to overcome all obstacles COMPLIMENTARY

Fill the vase with all the objects provided. Then lock it up or keep it carefully hidden from view, inside a cupboard in your bedroom and never facing your front door; this represents your wealth draining away. 
A wealth vase brochure will be emailed to you to provide you the steps and procedure to create the wealth vase.

* Other Essential Ingredients needed from your own home is not included in the above. The items needed is listed on the Wealth Vase Brochure that will be emailed to you.
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  • Height: 38cm
  • Width: 22cm
  • Weight : 
*The above measurements are all approximate.