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The 9th Feng Shui 2019 Live Seminar - 24 Nov 2018 | Event Ticket + 45mins Consultation

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This Value Package is for Live Seminar Ticket on the 24 November 2018 + 45mins Consultation (by appointment only)
Consultation will be held at 112 Moray Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

What Should You Do in 2019 Year of the Boar?

We are preparing early for this Live Seminar as the Year of the Boar brings serious wealth luck, it would be an abundance of luck changing time and something you
would need to plan early and get your blueprint ready to map out your journey through 2019.

At this Live Seminar, you will be presented with the charts of the year based on Four Pillars to forecast what to expect globally, school of flying stars based on your property, businesses and forecast of your astrology signs. Apart from all these vital information, you will also have a lot of fun learning different methods on how you can apply the art of Chinese metaphysics to your best advantage. It is also about sharing Life Experiences and what Master Jancy Lew would be able to impart based on her knowledge in feng shui and her true life experiences.

This is the 9th Live Feng Shui Seminar presented by Master Jancy Lew, who has been practising classical feng shui for more than 15 years. She has been trained by one of the oldest feng shui grandmaster in the world and always find the best of creating the art of balance, healing and living with classical feng shui. She is one of a few that managed to capture the essence of the different schools of feng shui and layering the different formulas together to create a better outcome. She is known to be funny, witty and creative towards applying what works for you and knows exactly what Australia needs in terms of relating to feng shui and everyday lifestyle here.

What you will also get out of this Live Seminar?
* Blueprint to map out your journey by knowing what to expect in the year and how you can best achieve it with great insights and planning to stay ahead of the game.
* Make better and informed decisions on your business, career and investment to bring it to new heights and maintain good achievements throughout. It is also about the timing, the right resources and knowledge on how to put it into the right gear.
* Knowing your health and relationship value. When to move forward and what areas need improvement. Wealth is Health and keeping yourself in-check is upmost important especially with the feng shui know how's and what to avoid.
* Clarity with strategies can bring a smooth path and bring you calmness. But knowing what to expect rather than having the guessing anxiety is already a step up to success. No one is destined for a bad life, all areas in life can be improved by the choice of life path you choose to take and follow. Using the right tool and the right information with feng shui can set you up for a good and comfortable life.
* Everyone that attends this Live Seminar will also received a complimentary detailed e-book with information for 2019 that will keep your plans in-check especially with a 12-months flying star feng shui forecast that you can rely on.

The 9th Feng Shui 2019 Live Seminar by Master Jancy Lew
Event Venue: Crown Tower, Garden Room
Date: 24 November 2018
Time: 12:30pm to 3:30pm

We hope to see you there! Time to harness what you deserve.