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Ru Yi Gold (Small)

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This Golden Ru Yi with Dragon gives you power and authority to rise above competitors in the workplace.

The Meaning of the Ru Yi

As with most ancient symbols, there are several different versions as to the origins of Ru Yi. Some believe Ru Yi originated from the Buddhist ceremonial scepter, some from a self-defense weapon and some believe it originated as a simple back scratcher. Whatever its origin, records show that in time Ru Yi became a symbol of power and authority.

The additional meaning of Ru Yi is that of good luck and protection, with a reputation for helping its owner find a clear way to the fulfillment of his path or destiny. Because of Ru Yi 's association with power, authority, and fulfillment of a destiny (yang quality of energy, often translated as "career" in today's world), a Ru Yi is best used for good feng shui in the office, not at home.