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Ru Yi Keychain

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The Ru-Yi Keychain is used to help make your wishes comes true. It is used to help enhance the Number 1 Success & Career Star. We all have something we wish for and are trying to succeed in. This star brings luck in career, fame, travel and victory if it flies to you this year. “Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have, and keeping a burning desire to achieve”. It’s the time to do your best and take advantage of this lucky star.

For Year of the Dog and Boar 2018: People born the Year of the Dog and Boar may carry the Ru-Yi Kechain with them this year as the Number 1 Success & Career Star flies to the Northwest affecting everyone this year. Carry the Ru-Yi Keychain to enhance this lucky star and to take advantage of its energy. Additional charms include carrying the Symbol of Perseverance Charm and display the Brass Ru-Yi Statue in the Northwest sector of your home.