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Ringing Bell W/Wood Handle YW

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Product Description

This Chi Cleansing Bell is widely used for space clearing in Feng Shui practice, especially good in attracting new business opportunities and increasing sales. The Chi Cleansing Bell produces the pure sound of metal when rung lightly. The lingering and soothing harmonics created by the bell cleanse all space 'touched' by the sounds. It enhances and purifies the Ch'i, enlivens and nourishes stale Ch'i with balanced yin and yang energy, chases away negative energy, creates a sense of tranquility. transforms inauspicious energies into auspicious energies and produces Seng Ch’i, the intrinsic energy which brings good fortune and luck.

For best results, stand in the middle of each room in the morning before twelve noon, focus on the task of Ch'i cleansing in your mind and gently ring the bell until you feel the effects emanating from the bell into all the directions and fill up the space. If you practise space purification with incense burner, perform the bell cleansing after that. Repeat weekly.

Product Specifications

Material: Metal and Wood
Color: Gold