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A Book About 2019 by Jancy Lew

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Get ready to map out your journey of luck and abundance. The year presents uncertainty but at the same time brings opportunities and prosperity for everyone. There will be a new outcome and beginning, an ending and again a new birth. 2019 can lead to new places and new horizon, you just need to have clarity, stay focus and steer clear from the mud that is present in the year.

How you can prepare for the Year of the Boar

You can prepare for the feng shui energy change on the 4th February 2019 with this ebook to guide you through the year. It is a very important year to establish our goals, look into your well-being and it is a year that will bring a lot of luck in many areas and especially serious wealth, income luck and an array of benefits for everyone. With this E-Book,  it is a blueprint of the year so that you can map your journey through 2019 to gain great insights and start planning to stay ahead of the game. 


The Four Pillars Forecast

Using the Four Pillars of TIME, DAY, MONTH and YEAR to forecast and shine the light on what we can expect from the year ahead. This will give you a great overview of global energy and empower you to make the best decisions for your future health, wealth, relationships and business opportunities. 


The School of Flying Stars

The School of Flying Stars literally maps out your physical surroundings and your home. Utilising a compass based chart, the Flying Stars help you map out how and where you should rest, work and play. By positioning yourself physically in the right spaces in your home and work environment you will bring prosperity into your life and avoid sickness, disagreements and failure. When enhancing correctly, it can bring you opportunities and make sure your journey is smooth throughout the year. You will also be guided with a 12-month guide on what to expect monthly that will keep your plan in-check. 

Forecast for your Astrology Sign

The forecast for your astrology sign will give you an individual projection for the 2019 Year of the Pig. Here we will cover all 12 signs and what each one is forecast to experience. This knowledge will allow you to plan your personal journey for the year ahead. Tips on fashion and colours for the year are included in the e-book.

Auspicious Timing

Auspicious timing on days you can "Spring Clean" before the changeover period of 4th February. This can help you create good energy around the house and clear all the negative energy out to welcome a new year!

Why you should get this E-Book.

Understanding what the Year of the Pig 2019 holds on a global scale, knowing how to position yourself in your physical environment and having an individually tailored astrological plan will help you prepare for your personal journey of luck and abundance.  


Master Jancy Lew, who has been practising classical Feng Shui for more than 15 years and is a certified feng shui master. She has been trained by one of the oldest Feng Shui grandmasters in the world and always find the best of creating the art of balance, healing and living with classical Feng Shui. She is one of a few that managed to capture the essence of the different schools of Feng Shui and layering the different formulas together to create a better outcome. She is known to be funny, witty and creative towards applying what works for you and knows exactly what Australia needs in terms of relating to Feng Shui and everyday lifestyle here.


·     A blueprint to map out your journey. Know what to expect in the year ahead with great insights and planning to keep you ahead of the game.

·     Make informed decisions. Bring your business, career and investments to new heights and ensure great achievement. Get the right timing, resources and knowledge on how to put them into the right gear.

·     Health and relationships value. Keep yourself in check. Feng Shui will show you how and what to avoid to keep you healthy, wealthy and wise.

·     Clarity. Strategy paves a smooth path and brings you calmness. Knowing what to expect rather than guessing relieves anxiety and gives you a step up to success. No one is destined for a bad life. All areas in life can be improved by the choice of life path you choose to follow. Feng Shui gives you the right information and tools with to set you up for a good and comfortable life.