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For all of its abundance, varieties, extraordinary crystals and range of colors, Quartz is a rock hounds, geologists, gemologists, jewelry lovers and metaphysical healers alike. It is comforting and familiar…clear Quartz is Rock Crystal, purple Quartz is Amethyst, yellow is Citrine, gray-brown is Smoky Quartz, and pink Quartz is Rose Quartz. 

Until recently, all pink-colored Quartz was thought to be Rose Quartz, the pale pink to reddish-rose, semi-precious stone of beauty and love cherished since antiquity for its power to heal the heart and stimulate romantic devotion. Its ability to be polished and carved into jewelry and marvelous ornamentation has made it a favorite since civilizations began. Rose Quartz is found in abundance around the world and occurs only in massive form, with no crystal faces, edges and terminations.