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This amulet is absolutely vital for all-round general protection. Both sides of the medallion contain secret mantras and the 8 auspicious objects that bring cosmic protection. It offers the wearer protection against all forms of dangers, including dangers from spirits, accidents, natural disasters, and bad intentions of people. Wear it if you are travelling often, or frequent places which are prone to natural disasters - such as volcanic regions, earthquake areas, coastal regions and flood zones. It is also essential for those who are involved with esoteric work such as geomancy and astrology. 

This medallion is plated with 18K gold and should be worn close to the heart or chest area.

  • SKU: 149006000208
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Diameter: 4.0 cm
  • Make: Brass With 22K Gold Plating
*The above measurements are all approximate.