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Laughing Buddha with Children porcelain (fertility)

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  • Laughing Buddha Holding Ru Yi and Sitting with 5 Kids / Five Children For Attracting Happiness in Family, Descendant Luck is made from finest quality polyresin and polished with golden colour features flawless finish and looks incredibly beautiful. This powerful laughing buddha holding Ru Yi (symbol of authority) signifies happy family and control over household worries. As per Feng Shui Bagua Theory, for bringing peace in a family which frequently has tensions, place this figurine in the East section of the living room where all the family members can prominently see. For wealth luck in the family, place it in the South East corner of the main hall / bedroom or dining hall. If the bedroom or living room is in Northwest, keep the laughing buddha statue in the north west corner. If the main door of house or office is in north west direction or facing north west, place the happy man facing the main door. If the north west direction has a toilet / kitchen place the laughing buddha in south east corner. It should not be placed on floor. Atleast a table or elevation of 3 feet height is ideal. Laughing Buddha also called as the Happy man is the symbol of happiness and prosperity. This is one of the most commonly used and loved artifacts and popularly used as a wealth magnet to attract financial prosperity.