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The Alarm Staff is not a weapon. Instead it is a staff with rounded loops at the top with jingling rings that symbolizes peace, harmony and respect for all living realms. Its jingling rings are said to produce hyms that creates awareness. It is one of the eighteen treasures of Buddhism. One can also consider it as a symbol of goodwill, compassion and care. It sends out the message of how precious every living creature is and none should be sacrificed. It is normally carried by high practising buddhist monks (close to sainthood) to clear the pathway and warn small creatures (such as creeping life like ants) to make way so that they will not be stepped and killed. In ancient Sanskrit, it is called the "Khakhara" or "Hikile". This staff reminds those practising Buddhism to abstain from killing. Some have recently called it the Dang Zi or Ksitigarbha Staff because the Dang Zi Bodhisattva also carries one in His arm. But it is actually not originated from Dang Zi, but instead it was first carried by the Buddha. The Buddha carried one that was made from sandalwood and pewter. This 6-rings staff is usually displayed at Buddhist prayer altars to gain optimum merits and good karma. In feng shui, one master has recommended using this staff to cure Quarrelsome energies from Annual Star #3.