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KAFFIR LIME - Essential oil

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The Kaffir Lime is a small green fruit with rough skin which originated in Thailand, where it has long been used for cleansing and to help get rid of bad luck and bestow good luck. The Chinese have also long heard of how the Kaffir Lime can help to cleanse both ourselves and our homes of negative energy and bring good fortune.

Our Kaffir Lime Essential oil has a lovely, natural scent which refreshes and cleanses energy and helps to attract auspicious Qi. Not only is this a pure Kaffir Lime essential oil with no artificial fragrance, but the limes are sent for chanting and blessing by Buddhist monks, hence the energy is very pure.

Add 9 drops of Kaffir Lime Essential oil to your bath water to cleanse yourself or 9 drops to a bucket of water to clean your home and mop your floors. You can also add a few drops to an aroma therapy burner or a water atomizer and the wonderful aroma will refresh your home.

In many parts of Asia, limes are believed to be wonderful for good luck because they draw out all negative chi from your aura.

Use this pure essential oil in different ways!!