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600 AUD / In stock.
Residential Basic Fees start at $350 onwards + Site Inspection fee if onsite visit is required to have an accurate reading before purchase as below:

+ Site Inspection fee
a) Inner City  + $130
b) Inner Suburb + $220
c) Middle Suburb + $350 hourly fee (additional hours will be billed accordingly)
d) Outer Suburb + $300 daily base fee + $350 hourly fee (additional hours will be billed accordingly)

Please note:
1) All fees quoted are approx. and actual fee confirmation can be quoted once we receive more details on hours and extend of work involved.
2) All consultation is based via email and sms unless if a site inspection is required. No report will be generated.
3) Full payment is required prior to the confirmation of the first viewing of the layout and subject to 10 layouts for viewing. Payment payable via cash, bank transfer or credit card.
4) Site inspection fee payable by cash during the site inspection in a red envelope.
5) Once you have confirmed the purchase of the property, you can proceed to book an onsite consultation, fees from $1300 onwards or an In-Shop consultation from $490 onwards (additional hourly fees of $350 applies after the 2-hour mark of the consultation).
6) No report will be generated. You will be required to take down or record the information given. For report to be generated additional fees of $3500 will be charged.