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Fireball with Keychain

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What the fire energy is for?

Bad temper, quarrels and scolding is widely seen due to our hectic modern living because stress is part of our life where we need to cope with. Losing our temper and initiating quarrels is sometimes unavoidable due to the additional effects of the nasty Quarrelsome Wood Energy from a bad flying star #3. That is why sometimes we could end up in great troubles without us realizing the reason, which had been led by our quarrels with our loved ones, our subordinates, our superiors, our friends, our parents, our relatives or even with strangers. Like it or not, quarrelsome energy in our lives brings us bad aura on our crown chakra and heart chakra which could bring extensive bad luck that could last for sometime forward. Therefore, it is very important that we not lose our temper or quarrel in order for us to enjoy good feng shui and good luck. Once the quarrelsome energy is dissolved, it will help to create positive thinking, focused minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity. This will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives.

Those who are afflicted by quarrelsome energy should directly carry it along.