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The Dragon is a powerful symbol of success and courage. This mini purse is specially designed to bring maximum Yang Energy that will fuel growth, success and prosperity luck. The fire element is also important for bringing powerful friends that can help overcome obstacles for the year. To enjoy a more fruitful year, invite the mighty Dragon into your life with this mini purse. Designed in a handy, convenient ergonomic size, you can easily carry imbue all your handbag essentials within this auspicious purse. The purse is big enough to carry credit cards, business cards, lipsticks, cosmetic mirror and amulets that will fit snugly and beautifully in your handbag.

SKU: 003900500117
Weight: 60 grams
Height: 9.0 cm
Length: 14.0 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
Make: Leather
*The above measurements are all approximate.