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Crystal Agate Wishfulling Bonsai Tree

85 AUD / In stock.
A dazzling and alluring Feng Shui product, this crystal wishfulfillling agate tree is the perfect item for when you need an extra bit of luck in life. Agate is considered one of the most powerful stones and has been used in Feng Shui for a considerable period of time. This crystal is known for its powers in improving clarity of thinking and enhancing luck. Feng Shui devotees believe Agate could help dispel negative chi in their surrounding and replace it positive one. When there‚Äôs a healthy flow of good energy in your home or business premises, it will naturally attract prosperity and good fortune. Display this beautiful crystal tree on your work desk to improve your luck in business and deter the negative energy responsible for financial losses. You can also place this tree on the desk of a student to heighten academic luck.