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The Sheep, Rabbit and Boar are the group of Diplomats based on the 12 astrology signs. Having the image of your own animal sign in your animal sign sector activates your good luck for the year, while having the image of your allies allows you to 'borrow' the luck from your allies if the outlook for the year is not so good for you. They also give an extra boost of luck in the good years, as well as promote friendship luck, making all your relationships more smooth, harmonious and long-lasting. The longevity symbols on these animals will also help ward off illness and keep you healthy and happy. 

For the Sheep, place these decals in the Southwest. For the Rabbit, place in the East. For the Boar, place in the Northwest. 

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  • Height: Sheep 18.5cm/Rabbit 20.8cm/Boar 14.2cm
  • Length: Sheep 15.8cm/Rabbit 13.2cm/Boar 27.0cm
*The above measurements are all approximate.