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3 Divine Guardian

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The Three Divine Guardians is a specially designed Feng Shui cure for the Tripple Conflicts or Three Killings affliction.

It comprises of a Pi Yao, a Chi Lin and a Fu Dog. This combination forms a very powerful antidote for the dreaded Three Killings or 'San Sha'. Even by its name you will know this affliction is highly threatening and should be taken seriously. The Three Killings is an affliction that changes location every year which consists of the bad guy trio - the Year ‘Killing’ (creates setbacks and obstacles), Robbery ‘Killing’(causes monetary loss) and Disaster ‘Killing’ (brings mishaps and accidents). So by placing this unique Feng Shui cure in the sector afflicted by the Three Killings, you will be able to supress the negative chi and avert misfortunes.