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2019 Horoscope Kit - RAT

581 AUD220 AUD / In stock.

This kit includes:

  1. Trinity of Victory Horses Hangings
  2. Victory Dragon Baton (Yellow)
  3. Dragon Gate Scholar Keychain
  4. Red Jewel Omani Keychain
  5. Health Amulet
  6. Mandarin Duck Love Shape
  7. FREE GIFT* Spring Amulet worth $73.30
  8. FREE GIFT* LATEST PRODUCT* Victory in Gambling Keychain worth $85 (Please select a choice of Gold or Silver at check-out)

The Rat is surrounded by loving energies and your popularity soars. If you are single and wish to find a significant other or married Rats, you should place a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the Southwest of your living room to enhance your love luck and strengthen marriage bonds between husband and wife respectively.

Young Rats or those who are still in school should display Dragon Gate Scholar on their study table or in the North. The 24 Mountains ensures you sit on a Star of Small Auspicious and are flanked by a pair of Big Auspicious stars. Activate this luck by carrying the Victory Dragon Baton and displaying Trinity Horse in the North.

As your energy is still recovering from last year’s afflictions, it is important you also carry the Health Amulet and Red Jewel Omani to protect against accidents, mishap and people with bad intentions. Tap the luck of your allies by displaying your Zodiac Allies in your own animal sign sector (North) or anywhere on your work desk.

Spring Amulet to embellish 8 magical auspicious symbol that brings lucky vibration from all 8 directions of the compass and LATEST PRODUCT Victory Gambling Amulet to bring good vibrations, luck and dispel negative energy!!  

* While stocks last

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