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2019 Horoscope Kit - RABBIT

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This kit includes:

  1. Emperor Heaven Amulet
  2. Black Dragon Tortoise on Coin
  3. Evil Eye with Victory Banner & Mystic Knot
  4. Green Success Wand
  5. Wealth Chest Amulet
  6. FREE GIFT* Spring Amulet worth $73.30
  7. FREE GIFT* LATEST PRODUCT* Victory in Gambling Keychain worth $85 (Please select a choice of Gold or Silver at check-out)

You feel invigorated with the presence of the Heavenly Star #6 as well as a stronger life force. Take advantage of the feng shui blessings of the year place the Emperor Heaven in the East. Display the Black Dragon Tortoise on your work desk as the Yearly Conflict Star will cause disharmony in the office.

To strengthen wealth luck, display the Wealth Chest in the East. You should also protect against gossip with the Evil Eye with Victory Banner & Mystic Knot Amulet. Those in sales or marketing should place the Green Success Wand on their work desk. Tap the luck of your allies by displaying your Zodiac Allies in your own animal sign sector (East) or anywhere on your work desk.

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