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2019 Horoscope Kit - OX

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This kit includes:

  1. Garuda Wu Lou Keychain
  2. Bejewelled Eagle
  3. Trinity of Victory Horses Hanging
  4. Precious Ring Talisman
  5. Golden Pagoda with Camel Keychain
  6. FREE GIFT* Spring Amulet worth $73.30
  7. FREE GIFT* LATEST PRODUCT* Victory in Gambling Keychain worth $85 (Please select a choice of Gold or Silver at check-out)

The Ox enjoys good life force and spirit essence, together with strong success luck, making this a very good year for you. To ensure you are able to take advantage of good luck coming to you, place the Trinity of Victory Horses on your bedside table. At the same time, enhance your career luck with the Bejeweled Eagle on your work desk and carry the Golden Pagoda with Camel.

Although your personal lung ta is strong, you should still carry the Precious Ring Talisman due to two unfortunate stars that bring illness and yin afflictions. Display the Garuda Wu Lou Keychain in the Northeast sector.

Carry the Spring Amulet to have a smooth and happy year and to ensure that all things move smoothly through the twelve months. Tap the luck of your allies by displaying your Zodiac Allies in your own animal sign sector (Northeast) or anywhere on your work desk.

Spring Amulet to embellish 8 magical auspicious symbol that brings lucky vibration from all 8 directions of the compass and LATEST PRODUCT Victory Gambling Amulet to bring good vibrations, luck and dispel negative energy!!  

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