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2019 Horoscope Kit - HORSE

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  1. Red Eagle Amulet
  2. Evil Eye Bracelet
  3. Wealth Granting Tree Mirror
  4. Trinity of Victory Horses
  5. Business Increasing Amulet
  6. Umbrella Parasol Amulet
  7. FREE GIFT* Spring Amulet worth $73.30
  8. FREE GIFT* LATEST PRODUCT* Victory in Gambling Keychain worth $85 (Please select a choice of Gold or Silver at check-out)

You face a challenging year as most of the elements are quite negative, with conflict being the major source of your problems. Carry the Red Eagle Amulet and Evil Eye Bracelet at all time as the remedy. Place the Wealth Granting Tree Mirror on your work desk together with the Trinity of Victory Horses to improve career luck.

Display a Business Increasing Amulet for wealth luck. To attract good fortune, the best way is to carry the Umbrella Parasol Amulet with you at all times to strengthen your inner vitality. Wear plenty of red this year as this is the colour that brings good feng shui luck.

Tap the luck of your allies by displaying your Zodiac Allies in your own animal sign sector (South) or anywhere on your work desk.

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