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2019 Horoscope Kit - DOG

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  1. Wealth & Success with Chi Lin Amulet
  2. Dorje Ringing Bell
  3. Ling Zhi Amulet
  4. Golden Pagoda with Camel Amulet
  5. Three Celestial Protectors
  6. FREE GIFT* Spring Amulet worth $73.30
  7. FREE GIFT* LATEST PRODUCT* Victory in Gambling Keychain worth $85 (Please select a choice of Gold or Silver at check-out)

The powerful feng shui #9 stars pay you a visit this year bringing you Completion Luck. You also enjoy the luck of the small auspicious which can bring you success in overcoming any problems you face. Carry the Wealth & Success with Chi Lin Amulet to ensure all of your projects and work are completed successfully.

You do have 2 negative stars that need correction, so you must place the Dorje Ringing Bell on your work desk and carry the Ling Zhi Amulet at all times. To improve wealth luck, display the Golden Pagoda with Camel Amulet in the Northwest. Avoid trouble by displaying the 3 Celestials Protectors in the West.

Tap the luck of your allies by displaying your Zodiac Allies in your own animal sign sector (Northwest) or anywhere on your work desk.

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