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2019 Home Protection Kit

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This feng shui kit includes:

  1. Golden Wu Lou with Longevity God
  2. Heart Sutra Pagoda
  3. Kalachakra Mandala Plaque
  4. Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino & Elephant
  5. Three Divine Guardian
  6. Pi Xie
  7. FREE GIFT* Mini 5 Spoke Dorje Keychain worth $18.40

The Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) resides in the Northwest 3 in 2019 causing the Boar, Snake, Monkey and Tiger to be in conflict with him. Display the Pi Xie in the Northwest to appease the Grand Duke and to also bring good luck.

The Violent #7 Star brings a risk of armed robbery and violence to those residing in the Southeast. Place the Dragon Tortoise Totem here as a powerful remedy.

The afflicted Illness Star #2 bring illness to the Northeast. Display Golden Wu Lou with Longevity God in this sector. Placement of this Wu Lou “captures” all illness vibrations so that continuous good health can prevail through the year.

The 5 Yellow Star which brings misfortune and accidents resides in the Southwest in 2019. It is important that its effects are nullified by placing the Heart Sutra Pagoda here.

The Quarrelsome Green Star #3 flies to South, bringing misunderstanding and court cases. Place Kalachakra Mandala here to subdue this affliction.

The North is afflicted with the Three Killings. Avoid running the risk of illness, accidents, lawsuits and robberies by suppressing this affliction by placing Three Divine Guardian in the West.

Lastly, carry the 5 Spoke Dorje Keychain or display in the Northwest sector for general protection for your house.

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