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2019 Home Enhancer Kit

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This feng shui kit includes:

  1. Wish Granting Tree with Charms
  2. Lotus Root
  3. Bejewelled Windhorse
  4. Tortoise Water Feature
  5. God of Wealth on Tiger
  6. FREE GIFT* Mandarin Ducks on Lotus worth $28.30

These are your feng shui must-haves in 2019 to activate good luck brought by the auspicious stars.

The Favourable Heaven Star brings an unexpected good fortune of the speculative kind. It also brings authority, friendship and mentor. Activate the East of your home with the Four Friends Windchime, it will also help minimize frenemies and keep people with bad intentions away.

The purple star 9 flies to the Northwest indicating future prosperity and upward mobility for those who can successfully tap its luck. Activate with the Wish Granting Tree with Charms.

The auspicious White Star flies to the West. It benefits everyone. Place a Bejeweled Windhorse here to activate success at work, in business and in competitive situations.

The auspicious Wealth Star 8 flies to the Center in 2019, bringing wealth, success and happiness. Activate with Tortoise Water Feature.

The Romance & Scholastic Star flies to the North in 2019 bringing romantic opportunities and luck to those engaged in scholastic pursuits. Display Lotus Root for education luck and Mandarin Ducks for romance and marriage luck in the North.

* While stocks last

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