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2018 Feng Shui Seminar Brunch with Master Jancy Lew (Limited Seats)

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Brunch with Master Jancy Lew!!
We invite you to share a personal moment as she take you through the seminar at a small private setting for brunch. You will get the detailed information that covers similar to the annual seminar that covers the Flying Stars Chart, Four Pillars Chart and the Astrological Signs Forecast to assist you in finding the Art of Balance, Healing and Living with the energies that surrounds us. On top of that you can also discussed the 2018 chart of your home to get a broader perspective on how you can manage the current energy.

Each year the energies changed, how it effects one can be different for another and can also be the same for all at the at the same time. Knowing how to find the balance and navigate your way through working with these energies can really make a difference and let you have a memorable year.
The coming Year of the Dog there will be Big Winning, Victory Star, New Love, New Job, New Ideas and also Emperor Star Luck if planning to have a baby in the Earth Dog Year!!!

Do not miss this opportunity.
*Please bring your house layout plan, photos of the house internal and external, the compass reading of your house facing (front, sides and back. Would be best to also state down the compass degree reading) and birth dates of occupants.

Date: 07 February (Wednesday)
Time: 10:30am to 2pm

Venue: 112 Moray Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

* Complimentary information booklet
** Lucky Draw
*** Brunch is included