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2018 Annual Flying Stars Consultation

450 AUD / In stock.
This consultation is based as an in-shop consultation without report or with report. Video / Phone call can be made available if you are unable to come to the shop.
If you require a report to be generated, there will be an additional fee incurred.

It includes all necessary information to prepare your home or office for the Year of the Earth Dog and considering all Star locations when the change-over is due based on the Solar Calendar on the 4th February 2018.

It will include the annual star in the 9 different sector of your property and to give you information on what you can do, what cures and enhancers to use, when to do it, how to decorate it and which area to use actively or to avoid.

You will need to provide us with:
1) Layout Plan to your property
2) The compass facing direction of your property
(please include the degree reading of the compass and measure all four side of the property. The compass reading should be from standing inside the house looking out the front door).
3) Date of moving in to the property.

Don't miss out as it can help you improve and boost energy in your property to reach your goals and those of your family. Also making sure that you blend together with the current yearly energy as 12 months would be a long time for anything to happen.

Kindly email us for a time and day for the in-shop consultation.

*** For those who require a report, it will take approximately 3 weeks unless specified when we receive your order. Orders can be placed now and the report will be emailed when it is available by mid-January 2018 onwards.
Reports are generated on a personal basis.